The chairperson is responsible for the smooth running of area assemblies, consulting with the committee before setting the date and time, making sure that all groups are notified, consulting with officers and committee members on the program, and chairing the assembly meetings. The chairperson, more than any other officer, keeps the delegate informed about what is going on in the area, and makes sure that committee members are aware of what goes on in world services.

Corresponding Secretary

The corresponding secretary communicates between the A.A. General Service Office and area groups making sure the group schedules, meeting places and other information is up to date. Group representatives may contact either the corresponding secretary or Webmaster to update schedules and/or A.A. meeting times and information.


Though the high point is the Conference meeting, the delegate’s job goes on year-round and involves all aspects of the Conference structure. 1) The delegate attends the annual Conference and communicates the actions of the Conference to area committee members. 2) Is prepared to attend all area and regional service meetings and assemblies applicable to his/her respective area. 3) Helps area committees obtain financial support for the area and G.S.O. 4) Provides leadership in solving local problems involving the A.A. Traditions and cooperates with G.S.O. in obtaining information. 5) Works closely with committee members and officers, sharing experience throughout the year.

Recording Secretary

The secretary records and distributes minutes of area meetings, keeps mailing lists up to date, and sends out area mailings. Sometimes the secretary is responsible for preparing lively bulletins that will encourage attendance at committee meetings and assemblies. The secretary is in a good position to act as liaison between officers and committee members.


The treasurer keeps financial records for the area and reports regularly to the assembly. In most cases, the treasurer is responsible for encouraging contribution support for area and G.S.O. services.

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